Update Regarding Autoridad de Fiscalizacion y Regulacion de Telecomunicaciones y Transportes (ATT) in Bolivia.

by G&M Compliance (June 8, 2013)

In August, 2011, ATT implemented Law No. 164 which outlined a new type approval process for Bolivia. The past 16 months ATT has been creating a new process for spectrum management within the country. This law has also included the creation of a new homologation process for numerous types of telecommunications equipment including equipment that work within the RF spectrum.

On April 24th, 2013, ATT finalized the homologation process. Last week ATT released the new requirements and homologation process to the public. This approval system was implemented immediately and affects new products and currently marketed products within Bolivia. The key points are highlighted below:

1. Type Approval now Mandatory.
2. Affects equipment with RF function and will expand to other areas of telecommunications.
3. Legal Representative required.
4. Lead time for certification approximately 30 days.
5. Certificate will be issued.
6. Validity of certificates is 5 years.
7. National database of approved products has been established
8. FCC and CE Reports acceptable for type approval
9. Sample May be required for verification purposes only
10. No family approvals allowed

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