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Australia & New Zealand Certification

Australia and New Zealand Certification Services

General Information:

Most electrical products must have Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) certification to be sold in Australia or New Zealand. RCM certification demonstrates that the product meets safety, telecom, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and wireless requirements set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The only electrical products that can enter Australian and New Zealand markets without RCM certification are battery-powered, “low risk” devices without wireless capabilities. All other devices over 50Vac or 120Vdc must comply with applicable RCM safety standards. Depending on the risk level of the product, it may need to be certified by an accredited lab or specific certification body to be sold.

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Discipline: Safety, EMC, Wireless
andatory/ Voluntary : M
Annual Follow-up Inspections: Yes
Validity Period: 5 years
Mark Required: Yes
Local Rep: No

Australia and New Zealand Product Certification Process

Requirements for RCM certification can vary from product to product based on functionality and risk levels. It’s critical to determine the right area of compliance and submit the right product documentation to ensure a smooth certification process.

Unlike some other product certifications, RCM does not require testing in Australia or New Zealand, and most foreign test results are accepted. RCM certification also does not require factory inspections.

However, manufacturers must work with an authorized agent in Australia or New Zealand who is authorized as a supplier in the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) database. Test results are submitted to the agent, who will then issue an official Declaration of Conformity (DOC) for the product. Once the DOC is official and the RCM mark is attached to the product, it is registered on the ERAC database.

The DOC for most products does not expire in the RCM certification scheme. Products categorized as “medium risk” or “high risk” to consumer safety typically must renew their certification every 5 years.

G&M Compliance: Your Partner for Australia and New Zealand Product Certification

G&M Compliance is a full-service compliance partner for companies ready to enter Australia and New Zealand. With our experience, you can go to market faster and ensure your certification is done right the first time.

G&M Compliance will assess the areas of compliance and risk levels that apply to your product so you know exactly what requirements need to be met. At that point, we help complete certification documentation, review the documents thoroughly, and submit to an authorized agent in Australia or New Zealand.

Our compliance experts have the experience to ensure an efficient, streamlined certification process. Contact G&M Compliance for more information, or request a quote today!