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Field Evaluation Service

Field Evaluation Service

General Information:

The Field Evaluation service that G&M provides is a “one-of-a-kind” inspection typically for electrical equipment or machinery that has been installed in the field, but does not bear the mark of a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL), e.g. UL, CSA, TUV, etc.  This service can be mandated by the city electrical inspector, utility, or by customer request.

Field evaluations are based on nationally recognized standards and are intended to confirm that equipment in the workplace meets a minimum level of safety.  This is a requirement that electrical inspectors will often enforce, but also shows due diligence on the end user’s part in providing a safe work environment.

G&M follows the procedures for competency of Field Evaluation Bodies (FEBs) outlined in NFPA 790.  In addition, we follow the recommended practices for equipment evaluation specified in NFPA 791.  Most importantly to our customers and local jurisdictions alike, G&M is:

  • A team of seasoned field veterans, with
  • Experience to understand the intent of the specifications, enabling us to
  • Practically apply the concepts across a wide variety of equipment and differing conditions

G&M field engineers have the experience and expertise to competently assess equipment in the field, and to quickly ascertain if it meets the intent of applicable safety standards given workplace environment and operating conditions.

G&M specializes in the following areas:

  • Re-certification of UL Certified Switchgear

    Almost all switchgear installed in the U.S. is UL Listed.  Modifications made to existing UL certified switchgear invalidates the original listing.  As a result both utilities and local electrical inspectors will require a field inspection or re-certification of panels where bus taps are made on the line or load side of the main circuit breaker for connection to solar power.  Line or load-side taps for the addition of a new switchgear sections are also required to be re-certified in the field.

  • Field Evaluation of Products from Asia

    Industrial products built in Asia, and particularly China, generally are not designed to meet U.S. safety requirements. If these types of products are to be subjected to U.S. regulations, it is best to have a compliant product from the factory, prior to shipment, in order to avoid retrofitting and customization on site.  G&M has an office in Beijing China, which communicates directly with factories in Asia.  Our local experts in the U.S. work with our Beijing team to communicate mandatory U.S. requirements, and bring products into compliance before they ship.

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