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Southeast Asia Certification Services

Southeast Asia Certification Services

The Southeast Asian market includes 11 countries and more than 600 million people, a valuable opportunity for manufacturers and importers around the world. But before entering the Southeast Asian market, companies must ensure their products meet critical safety, electromagnetic, and wireless standards.

The Singapore Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme, also known as CRS or PSB certification, is a common certification scheme used in Southeast Asia. CRS certification is required for many household items, including computer systems, audio products, electrical kitchen products, A/V equipment, large appliances, and more. CRS certification is administered by the Standards, Productivity, and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore).

With an experienced compliance partner, manufacturers can use CRS compliance to demonstrate compliance homologated standards throughout the larger region. In addition, G&M Compliance can identify any other certifications that may be necessary depending on the country of sale or the type of product.

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Singapore CRS

Discipline: Wireless
andatory/ Voluntary: M
Annual Follow-up Inspections: No
Validity Period: 5 Years
Mark Required: No
Local Rep: No

How to Get Products Certified in Southeast Asia

First, determine which standards and certifications apply to your product. (Keep in mind, multiple certifications may be necessary if the product demonstrates a public health risk or falls under multiple product categories.)

Once you know which standards you need to meet, the certification process typically follows these steps:

  • Complete product documentation thoroughly and accurately.
  • Review product documentation with an experienced compliance professional.
  • Work with local representatives to submit documents and arrange next steps in the certification process.
  • Submit to product testing or a factory inspection, if required.
  • Once approved, properly affix the certification mark to the product.

Mandatory certifications must be renewed every so often to show that the product meets the most current certification requirements. If the certification is allowed to expire, companies can face costly penalties or even have their products removed from the Southeast Asian market.

How G&M Compliance Can Help With Southeast Asia Product Certification

The compliance experts at G&M Compliance have the skill and experience to get your product to market faster. G&M Compliance is always prepared with the most current standards and the fastest path to certification for your specific product.

When it comes to product certification for Southeast Asia, G&M Compliance can help you:

  • Apply the correct product standard(s) to your product.
  • Fill out product documentation forms accurately.
  • Work with certification agencies to ensure product documentation requirements are reasonable and up-to-date.
  • Ensure product documentation forms reach the right agency in a timely manner.
  • Obtain certification for new products, or obtain certification for the first time.
  • Stay ahead of changes to the certification scheme for existing products.
  • Avoid lapses in product certification that lead to costly fines or removal of the product.

With the G&M Compliance Certificate Alert and Tracking System, you can stay on top of upcoming expirations and renewals to keep certifications valid and keep your products on the market. Receive automated alerts that certificates are set to expire soon, and start the renewal process with only a few clicks.

Whether you are certifying your product for the first time or looking to enter a new market with an existing product, G&M Compliance can make it happen. Contact G&M Compliance today to learn more about product certification for Southeast Asia.