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About G&M Compliance

Products need to be introduced to the market quickly in order to achieve success. G&M Compliance specializes in getting certifications fast. Our expertise, service and consistency allow us to improve speed to market and add sales to our client’s bottom line.

Much the same as profitable real estate deals are defined at the time of purchase, efficient certification programs also start by selecting the right certification entities and personnel for the project. Even within the same accredited certification bodies, project managers can have very different methods and opinions translating to variable results.

One of our biggest advantages in minimizing time to certification is using our knowledge of the industry to choose the right players for each project.  Large test labs and certification bodies usually offer one, in-house path to certification. While they generally provide good service for some markets, they often fall short on others.  As an independent homologation management company, G&M actively selects the best path to compliance for each market and product type.


G&M has provided certification services since 1997. In that time we have developed a knowledgeable, experienced team that is focused on getting products certified as quickly as possible. We are always available to answer questions, and we believe that good communication is the key to faster certifications.

Once you have obtained your certification, G&M Compliance can keep your product on the market with the Certificate Alert and Tracking System (CATS). This cloud-based system can store and track all regulatory certificates and reports for your product, which will prevent untimely expiration of important certifications.

Our clients count on us to provide the technical expertise, industry knowledge, and valuable connections that expedite the certification process. Learn more about the certification services we offer, and keep up with the latest compliance news on our blog. If you are ready to explore the certification process for your product, request a quote today to get in touch with our compliance experts.

Homologation Management Services

Homologation Management Services

Focus on your core competencies. Insource your compliance.

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CCC Certification

CCC Certification

We provide certification service for over 132 categories for the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) , including Automotive Components.

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BIS Certification

BIS Certification

We provide certification service to ensure you comply with the Bureau of Indian Standards.

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“G&M is our compliance department. We are so appreciative of G&M’s high level of service and flexibility. Through our long working relationship with G&M, we are able to bring products to market quickly with overall reduced certification costs.”

Global Reach

“Customers want to be assured they are working with talented, competent individuals. G&M has the skills to help us and our clients achieve global certifications. This clearly demonstrates to us that G&M can deliver to our tier one customers.”

Trusted Expert Support

“Partnering with a knowledgeable certification agency such as G&M is so important to help us bringing our products to market.”

What our Customers say

With the intricacies of ever-changing global certifications, it goes without saying that there will be challenges.  What I have come to appreciate about G&M over the years is that their team is savvy enough to steer us around many of these challenges, and those that are inevitable they will work diligently to resolve.  The combination of these  attributes make for a reliable certification partner that we have been able to count on for more than a decade.- Tim Jandt, Senior Regulatory Engineer, Dedicated Computing
Our company was looking to replace our existing certification liaison as they were not providing a quick enough response time, nor the personalized service we needed. We turned to G&M Compliance, and they did not disappoint. Dedicated account managers to handle our needs with excellent communication has led to a partnership with G&M that has lasted several years. Their resources both stateside and in China has contributed to their success in guiding us through the entire certification process from start to finish. We look forward to many more years with G&M Compliance providing the outstanding service we have grown to expect.- Bill Alcini, Operations Manager, Plastic Omnium
G&M helps us save time and money by streamlining the certification process with our contract manufacturers.  They are able to deal directly with our CMs to maximize international certification efforts, and minimize costs.- Louis Hindman, Director of Product Development & Corporate Quality, InFocus

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