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Japan VCCI Certification Service

Japan VCCI Mark Certification Services Services

General Information:

VCCI stands for Voluntary Control Council for Interference.  The VCCI mark is a mandatory certification for multimedia equipment (MME) in Japan.  Products under MME category include information technology, audio/video, broadcast receiver and lighting control equipment.  VCCI covers only EMC requirements.

VCCI testing currently covers only emissions (conducted & radiated emissions) with no immunity requirements.  Equipment testing for VCCI certification falls under Class A or Class B classification for residential and commercial environments respectively.  When applying for the VCCI mark, manufacturers must have their product tested by a registered and approved test lab, which may be located outside of Japan. Once conformity is verified, the manufacturer is required to register with VCCI and submit the completed verification report using specified forms. Once given approval by VCCI, the manufacturer may begin applying the VCCI mark to their product.

How Can We Help?

G&M has experience in dealing with Japanese requirements and procedures. We can help manufacturers and importers obtain VCCI certification quickly and efficiently by:

  • Choosing the best test lab to fit the needs of our customer
  • Verify sample is operating properly before testing
  • Troubleshoot during testing if failures arise
  • Offer design level assistance, see right-hand menu for more information
  • Identifying other requirements when entering the Japanese market such as safety, wireless, or Telco.

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  • Certification Mark: Yes
  • In-Country Representation: Not Required
  • In-Country Testing: Not required
  • Expiration Details: No expiration
  • Continuing Surveillance: No surveillance requirements

If the standard remedies are not correcting your EMI issues, you may need a design level fix to correct your problem, and we can help.  G&M has an expert EMI design engineer on staff with over 40 years of experience to assist in areas such as:

  • EMI board design
  • Filter selection
  • Ground loop analysis
  • Provide simple in-house test setups for troubleshooting
We have found that often times certification bottlenecks can occur within a manufacturer’s organization.  As a result, we offer a service to provide internal help managing regulatory certification tasks.  Because G&M is not a certification body, we are in a unique position to offer valuable regulatory expertise without any conflict of interest issues.  In such cases we place G&M certification experts into our customers’ organizations to manage the certification process for them.  Once on the inside, our managers can leverage G&Ms collective experience to guide certification processes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  To learn more about this service see our Homologation Management Service Page.  
Untimely expirations of certificates can cause delays in product deliveries.  Re-certification of products will generally be treated as new submittals instead of certificate renewals.  This can be time-consuming and costly.  G&M provides a web-based certification tracking system that alerts users when expirations are coming, provides on-line storage of important certification documentation, and is searchable by certification specific criteria.  For more information on this system see our CATS page.