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NRTL Certification Service

Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL) Certification Service


General Information:

NRTL certification is not required by law to sell products in the U.S.  NRTL certification is generally requested by a reseller, a customer, or obtained by the manufacturer to show due diligence in providing a safe product.  NRTL certification may apply to any type of electrical product. 

Getting a UL certification or other NRTL mark for your product is often times more challenging than anticipated. The following are steps required in obtaining and maintaining an NRTL mark for electronic products:

  • Submit Quotation Request for Product
  • Obtain Quotation Back from NRTL, and Determine if Price is Competitive
  • Submit Product Test Package Including Significant Product Information
  • Schedule Project with NRTL Engineer
  • Determine Validity of any Non-Compliances Noted During Project
  • Determine Impact of any Corrections and Plan for a Practical Path Forward
  • Review Reports for Maximum Flexibility
  • Schedule and Handle Factory Inspection Issues

Navigating the steps above can be time-consuming and frustrating for someone who is not familiar with the process and the players. As with any service provider, having an established relationship with trusted personnel can be invaluable. NRTL test houses often adopt an “assembly line” style of testing and evaluation to maintain constancy in their process. In addition, they are scrutinized by accreditation bodies. The combination of these two factors can lead to gridlock if a project falls outside the confines of a standardized program.

Our goal at G&M is to obtain certifications quickly and efficiently, while representing our customer’s best interests. We succeed in this by:

  • Recommending the best NRTL for the project type
  • Obtaining competitive pricing from the NRTL
  • Providing pre-compliance product evaluations
  • Assembling documentation required for certification
  • Providing expertise on how to meet critical constructional requirements
  • Verifying that reports are written to give maximum design flexibility
  • Leveraging our relationship with the NRTL to complete projects efficiently

G&M has 20+ years of experience in dealing with the intricacies of the NRTL certification process. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best. For more information contact us at (714) 628-1020 or send us an email…

If this is your first time attempting NRTL certification, the first time certifying a particular type of equipment, or the first time certifying to new standards, we highly recommend a Preliminary Inspection. A Preliminary Inspection is a quick and inexpensive way to detect the following before submitting for a Certification Evaluation:

  • Design Deficiencies
  • Component Deficiencies
  • Product Documentation Deficiencies
  • Marking Deficiencies
  • Testing Deficiencies

A Certification Evaluation is intended to create a report format for the testing and evaluation of an otherwise compliant product.  Discovering significant compliance issues at this stage can lead to painful delays and additional costs.  Contact us for more information on Preliminary Inspections.

NRTL certifications are often packaged with other domestic and international certifications.  The number of required Product Compliance Certifications (PCCs) is on the rise.  In order to manage the growing tasks associated with the homologation process, additional internal resources may become necessary.  To assist our clients with this ever-growing demand, we offer an outsource support service to help manage and maintain PCCs.  For more information please visit our Certification Management Page.

Untimely expirations of certificates can cause delays in product deliveries.  Re-certification of products will generally be treated as new submittals instead of certificate renewals.  This can be time-consuming and costly.  G&M provides a web-based certification tracking system that alerts users when expirations are coming, provides on-line storage of important certification documentation, and is searchable by certification specific criteria.  For more information on this system see our CATS page.