New KC Agency Restructuring in South Korea

by G&M Compliance (April 21, 2013)

The new regime change in South Korea earlier this year (February, 2013) will bring changes to the KC certification scheme. The MKE (Ministry of Knowledge and Economy), the Safety authority, has been changed to MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy). The KCC (Korea Communications Commission), the EMC/RF/Telecom authority, has been changed to MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning).

Recently NRRA as EMC/RF/Telecom cert body who belonged to former KCC has announced an updated requirement to be revised in some months. A summary of the key points follows:

Existing KCC Certificate/Registration number structure will be a slightly changed.

KCC as a part of cert/registration number will be replaced by MSIP.



Change application requirement will be relaxed. Some components can be replaced without re-test. Certificate(or Registration) number that should be marked under KC logo can be replaced by the same model number as the certificate. NRRA is collecting public opinions about this revision until June 9th. The official announcement for this revision will be made after June 9th, 2013. This revision will be effective from the product release date or customs entry date after the official announcement date. Product certified/registered before the revision can follow existing marking requirements.

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