China Automotive CCC

CCC Mark01China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for motor vehicles and automotive components is both complex and ever-changing. There are currently more than 30 product categories required to comply with CCC testing and registration before they can be imported, distributed, or sold in the China marketplace. Vehicles and automotive components without CCC certification may be held at customs and be subjected to significant penalties.

Key Points for China CCC Certification:

  • Testing must be performed in China
  • CCC certificates must be renewed annually
  • Annual factory inspections must be performed by auditors from China

The Chinese government has designated two primary government agencies to issue CCC certification for motor vehicles and automotive components: China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and China Center for Automotive Products (CCAP). Our established relationship with these certification bodies enables us to reduce lead time and provide a less stressful approval process.

G&M Compliance has experienced personnel positioned in both China and the U.S. Using the following eight-step process, we provide fast and efficient certification services:

  1. Lower Side PhotoProvide templates for required documentation and assist in expediting
  2. Choose the appropriate certification body (CQC/CCAP)
  3. Clear test samples through China Customs and deliver them to test lab
  4. Schedule testing once samples arrive
  5. Utilize in-house engineering expertise to assist the test lab with technical issues that may arise
  6. Negotiate with certification body to schedule a timely factory inspection
  7. Track and alert you of upcoming renewals for CCC certificates, label/mark certificates, and annual factory inspections with our Certificate Alert and Tracking System (CATS)
  8. Support ongoing annual factory inspections with U.S.-based accredited auditors fluent in both Mandarin and English

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