China CCC News Announcement for TD – LTE Mobile Terminal Equipment

by G&M Compliance (January 21, 2014)

With the development of 4G (the fourth generation mobile communication ) technology development and appliance in our country ,the TD-LTE license has been issued formally. TD-LTE mobile device is derived from 3G (the third generation mobile communication). According to “the first batch to carry out mandatory product certification catalog” (national quality inspection administration, CNCA 2001joint statement No. thirty-third) and “about 3G mobile terminal equipment mandatory product certification notice” (CNCA 2009 Announcement No. eighth), the products belong to the scope of compulsory product certification.

Notice requirements are as follows:

1. Taking effect as from today, the rules of the implementation about the compulsory certification of the telecommunications terminal equipment of the electrical and electronic products (number: CNCA – 08C – 031:2007) add the YD/T2583.14 in cellular mobile communication equipment requirements and measurement methods of electromagnetic compatibility – Part fourteenth: LTE user equipment and auxiliary equipment” (hereinafter referred to YD/T2583.14), as the certification standard.

When the TD-LTE mobile terminal equipments are certificated by the designated certification organizations ,they should increase the YD/T2583.14 as based detection requirements.

2. As for the TD-LTE mobile terminal equipment which had been certified for the Compulsory Certificate but the standard without the YD/T2583.14,the certificate holder should submit an application for additional testing the YD/T2583.14 as soon as possible . The certificates changing should be completed by July 1st,2014. If the certification were not transferred the version on time, they would be canceled the original certification by the specific certification institution.

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