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What is CEL Certification

What is CEL Certification?

CEL certification is mandatory for 35 types of products currently being sold into China.  See below for list of products included under the scope of CEL.  Testing involved for CEL has some similarities to ERP Directive testing for Europe, and is mainly concerned with product efficiency, and standby or off-mode power consumption. For more information on our CEL Services, see CEL Certification Service.

CEL is regulated by the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) of China.  The CEL certification scheme has been in place since 2003.  An application must be submitted to CEL for the product type(s) in question.  Once an application has been received, samples are to be tested in an accredited lab in China.  Once a sample has passed applicable tests, a test report will be issued by the test lab, and applicable model/part numbers must be uploaded to the CEL website by the brand owner’s representative.  The energy label illustrated below must be placed on CEL approved products.

The numbers indicated on the label represent the relative efficiency of the equipment, 1 being the most efficient.  There are strict requirements for the Energy label design of the shape, colors, pattern and the whole layout. It should be in cdr format, CorelDraw 11.0 or above version. The font should be in FOUNDER type.  The following are current product types required to comply with CEL requirements:

Product Name

  • Household refrigerators
  • Room air conditioners
  • Household electric washing machine
  • Unitary air conditioners
  • self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
  • High pressure sodium lamp
  • Cooling water machine group
  • Small and medium sized three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Household gas water heaters and gas hot water heating furnace
  • Speed control type room air conditioner
  • Split type air conditioner
  • Water storage type electric water heater
  • Household electromagnetic range
  • Computer display
  • Copiers, printers and fax machines
  • Automatic electric rice cooker
  • AC electric fan
  • AC connector
  • Volume type air compressor
  • Power transformer
  • The ventilator
  • Flat screen TV
  • Household and similar use microwave oven
  • Digital TV receiver
  • Condensing units refrigerated cabinets
  • Household solar hot water system
  • Micro computer
  • Oil absorption
  • Heat pump hot water machine
  • Household gas cooker
  • Commercial gas cookers
  • Water (ground) source heat pump units
  • Lithium bromide absorption chiller
  • Normal lighting ballast LED lights
  • Projector