India Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

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Bureau of Indian Standards Certification

Since the Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology issued Compulsory Registration Order 2012 in April of 2013, certain products are now required to comply with Indian safety standards before they can be imported, distributed, or sold in India. The number of products that must comply with these requirements is quickly growing, and G&M Compliance can determine if your products require BIS Certification.

Key Points for India BIS Certification:

  • Manufacturer must have a branch office or authorized representative in India
  • Testing must be performed in India and the report must be issued within 90 business days of the date of Bureau of Indian Standards submission
  • Manufacturer has seven business days to address discrepancies found by BIS (or the certification will be rejected)
  • BIS certificate is valid for one year

G&M has experienced personnel located in India and the U.S. to ensure a smooth testing and certification process. Our experience and established relationships with test labs and the Bureau of Indian Standards ensures minimum lead time and a less stressful approval process. If you are having difficulty locating company personnel to manage compliance internally, we provide Certification Management Services to help you focus on your business.

The G&M Compliance Method:

G&M Compliance tracks milestones during the BIS certification process to ensure your project is on schedule from inception to completion. We provide an end-to-end compliance solution, and we track your certifications through our proprietary CATS system. G&M’s nine-step process for achieving fast and efficient certification is as follows:

  1. Lower Side PhotoProvide templates and assistance for expediting required documentation
  2. Choose the best-qualified, BIS-approved test laboratory
  3. Locate an authorized in-country representative (if required)
  4. Evaluate samples in-house to determine proper function and configuration for testing before shipping to India
  5. Ship test samples to India Bureau of Standards
  6. Clear test samples through Indian Customs and deliver them to the test lab
  7. Schedule testing (once samples arrive)
  8. Assist the test lab with technical issues that arise utilizing in-house engineering expertise
  9. Submit report from test lab to BIS for final certification

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