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EN 62368-1 Transition

EN 62368-1 Transition

General Information:

December 20th, 2020 was the deadline for the new European standard EN 62368-1, and has now past. Shipping products that don’t comply, can result in indefinite holds at customs.  Let us help you find a fast and cost-effective solution to keep your products shipping to Europe.

The European deadline (Dec 20, 2020) for the new safety standard EN 62368-1 is now past.  Products not approved to the new standard risk rejection at EU customs after the referenced date.  The queue for upgrading legacy products at certification bodies is long and getting longer.  Since this transition is for products that are already certified, it seems like there should be a simple yet effective way to re-certify.

Innovative Solution

The new EN 62368-1 standard is not intended to be more stringent than existing standards, simply a change in approach.  This is why, for standard upgrade projects,  many certification bodies are doing limited or no re-testing at all.  Additionally, CE marking for Europe is a self-declaration.  CB Scheme Reports, issued by certification bodies, can be used for CE but are not mandatory.  Another option, that is particularly suited for this situation, is the CE Self-Declaration Report.  Since certification bodies are currently backlogged and this update really boils down to a paperwork process, the CE Self-Declaration Report may be the simple yet effective route you’ve been looking for.

Why Choose Us?

At G&M we use our technical background along with our understanding of certification requirements to present our customers with the most effective path to compliance.  Over the years we have managed many CB Certifications and issued many CE Self-Declaration Reports.  This experience puts us in an excellent position to deliver 62368-1 standard upgrade projects for css.

​​​​​To request a quote for a CE standard upgrade please refer to our RFQ page.

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