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China Customs Clearance Service

Companies shipping products to China without an experienced partner can be subject to difficulties and frustration.  Once products are stuck in customs, it becomes difficult to rectify the issues, possibly requiring that the shipment be shipped back off shore to make corrections, and then re-shipped into China.  The shipping costs, delays and storage fees can be overwhelming.  After years of experience in assisting our customers, we have found the following areas to be critical in the process of China customs clearance:

  • Choosing the correct HS (Tariff) code
  • Obtaining the proper product certifications
  • Shipping the product
  • Proving your products do not require certification, if applicable

Choosing the Correct HS (Tariff) Code

Not all HS (Tariff) codes are created equal.  The HS code chosen for your product can affect the customs clearance process and the types of certifications required for your product to enter the China market.

Some products can even fall under multiple HS (Tariff) codes. In these situations, choosing one particular code can be more advantageous than the others, and it could save you months clearing the product through China Customs.  G&M Compliance has years of experience using these codes and can help you choose the best code for your product.

Shipping the Product

Shipping product into China requires a shipping company and an Expediter, which is a party that verifies the product being shipped is compliant with Chinese regulations. Both of these parties require the paperwork to match the rest of the shipping game plan. G&M can handle this portion to help streamline the overall process and provide complete door-to-door service.

Product Certifications

Depending on the type of product you are shipping into China, you may need one or more government mandated certification marks, including CCC, CEL, SRRC, CFDA.  G&M’s office in Beijing has worked with Chinese Certification Bodies for over 10 years.  We have developed the expertise and strategic relationships to get products certified quickly and efficiently.

Proving Your Products Do Not Require Certification

For products that are exempt from CCC certification, it may be difficult to find the proper documentation to prove that your product does not require the 3Cs. “CCC rejection letters” written by U.S. or European-based certification bodies are often not recognized by China customs officials. G&M Compliance avoids this issue by obtaining confirmation straight from the Chinese authorities, so it will be recognized by China Customs.

For more than 10 years, G&M Compliance has helped clients clear customs in China. We have excellent working relationships with experts in the customs clearance process that allow us to clear shipments quickly and efficiently.

G&M has assisted clients who:

  • are just starting the CCC certification process
  • have obtained a proper China certification, but did not properly complete customs paperwork
  • are stuck in customs regardless of being CCC exempt
  • are sending product to be tested at a test lab
  • have special circumstances

G&M can support your China customs challenges!