South Korea – KC

KC MarkSouth Korea – KC Certification

South Korea requires that manufacturers of electrical/electronic equipment bear the KC Certification Mark. G&M Compliance provides manufacturers with complete testing and certification services for South Korea. Utilizing our strategic partners based in the U.S. and South Korea, G&M Compliance provides expedient KC certification service for ITE, telecommunications, and radio equipment.

Unified Korea Certification Mark (KC Mark)

The KCC (Korea Communications Commission) was unified with KC (Korea Certification) on January 24, 2011. Products that were certified prior to January 24, 2011, can still use the KCC Mark, but all new applications from this date forward will be under the new KC Mark.

Benefits of Obtaining South Korea Certifications Through G&M Compliance

  • Speed: Turn-around time frame is much faster than submitting directly to Agency or other South Korean test labs. (Complete certification time frame is 2-4 weeks vs. 6-8 months when going directly to South Korean agencies.)
  • Mutual understanding: G & M Compliance can translate all relevant safety instructions and user’s manuals to native languages.
  • Ease of testing: Test samples do not have to be shipped to South Korea, thus avoiding trouble and delays going through customs. Although some products require testing in South Korea for the KC Mark, G&M is equipped to perform complete preliminary evaluation and scanning for KC testing. This preliminary testing provides peace of mind that your product will pass actual KC certification in South Korea, which practically eliminates the need for your engineers to travel to South Korea to work through product failures or issues.
  • Representation on the ground: G&M Compliance can provide clients with a South Korea-based representative. Manufacturers in the past were required to have a manufacturing facility in South Korea, but having a representative in the country is currently enough to satisfy this requirement.

Product Safety

  • Household and similar equipment (60335)
  • Lighting (60958)
  • ITE equipment (60950)
  • Audio/Video (60065)
  • Test & Measurement (61010)

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

  • CISPR 11
  • CISPR 13
  • CISPR 14
  • CISPR 15
  • CISPR 20
  • CISPR 22
  • CISPR 24
  • EN 55024
  • EN 61000-6-1
  • EN 61000-6-2
  • EN 61000-6-3
  • EN 61000-6-4

Contact G&M Compliance or request a quote for more information about KC Certification for South Korea. G&M Compliance provides an end-to-end compliance solution for testing, certification, and certification management.