Certification Management Services


Many companies are running leaner, which means fewer employees handling more tasks, and expanding to new markets brings a number of challenges. The acquisition and monitoring of product certifications has become an increasingly difficult and important task, and G&M Compliance can provide peace of mind as a full-service global certification department.

G&M Compliance’s Certification Management Service is designed to provide the knowledge and expertise required to obtain and maintain vital certifications. Our compliance experts will organize current and upcoming certification schemes to maximize expediency and reduce time to market.

G&M Compliance provides the following certification management services:

  • consulting-servicesAct as central certification point for all project managers
  • Identify applicable certification suite for all products
  • Assist in product design reviews
  • Conduct preliminary construction evaluations
  • Identify relevant standards for all certifications
  • Identify and obtain applicable component documentation
  • Review manuals for relevant requirements
  • Establish test plans for certification programs
  • Obtain competitive quotes from certification bodies
  • Manage and direct programs with certification bodies and test labs
  • Manage online alert and tracking system (CATS)

The new cloud-based Certificate Alert and Tracking System (CATS), developed by G&M, can store and track all of your regulatory certificates and reports. Active maintenance of your reports and certificates avoids untimely expiration of vital certificates and unnecessary maintenance of obsolete certifications.

CATS provides the following features to G&M Compliance clients:

  • Online repository for quick access to all certification documentation from anywhere
  • Search feature to find the right documentation fast
  • Alerts users of expiring certificates
  • Alerts users of expiring standards
  • Easy one-click renewal process


G&M Compliance makes it easy to manage and track vital product certifications for a number of markets. Contact G&M Compliance at 714-628-1020 or [email protected] to see how G&M can assist in managing your certification department.