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Argentina IRAM Certification Service

Argentina IRAM Certification Service

General Information:

Argentina’s Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación, referred to as IRAM, performs conformity assessment and certifications necessary to comply with the country’s regulations.  With some exceptions, Argentina’s Resolution #SC 171/16 mandating compliance with applicable safety standards, applies to a majority of electric and electronic products that operate between 50-1000 Vac, or 50-1500Vdc, and up to 63A and 5 kVA.

The following types of certifications are available:

  1. S-Mark Certification: Applies mainly to household and lighting equipment/components (including LED’s), connectors, fuses, circuit breakers and similar devices.
  2. S-Type Certification: Scheme most commonly utilized for certification of ITE and similar electrical/electronic devices.
  3. Lot Testing: Most suited to one-time /low volume shipments of electrical/electronic devices.

Note: Beginning on January 1, 2020, Argentina Resolution 169/2018 regarding electrical safety will mandate S-Mark and Lot Testing as preferred certification schemes for all product types:  S-Type certification schemes will be severely restricted and permitted on a case-by case basis.


Challenges Obtaining and Maintaining IRAM Certification

Obtaining IRAM’s S-Mark certification can be troublesome and delays can occur if the applicant is not prepared with the correct documentation or understands the various paths available to achieve compliance.  The following are preventable issues that can cause delays:

  • Determining whether a product falls within the scope of mandatory certification regulations;
  • Identifying which certification scheme (S-Type, S-Mark Certification, or Lot Testing) is best suited to meet your needs;
  • Difficulty in understanding undefined and evolving rules and mandates;
  • Arranging for in-country testing, If necessary;
  • Identifying required product and packaging labeling, and instructions;
  • Determining whether multiple models can be included on a single certificate;
  • Determining whether certificate extensions are permitted or appropriate;
  • Determining whether a product falls within the scope of mandatory energy efficiency requirements;
  • Language barriers encountered in dealing with test and certification agencies;
  • Establishing or locating and maintaining a local representative necessary as part of the certification process;
  • Keeping certificates up to date with differing certificate validity periods and standard expirations.

How Can We Help?

G&M’s team has a solid grasp of regulatory requirements along with the background to properly manage your Argentina IRAM certification project, and provide you with services or information on the following:

  • Provide guidance in preparation for certification submittal
  • Identify requirements that are not applicable under specific conditions
  • Test one sample to represent a family
  • Align certification programs to our customer’s needs
  • Identify a responsive and reputable in-country representative
  • On-line Certificate Validity Tracking Tool
  • Does my equipment require ENACOM Certification?
  • What product markings and information do I need to provide?
  • Can my in-country representative provide certificate extensions to other distributors/ importers?

For more information, additional questions, or to request a quote – Please submit an online RFQContact Us, or call.

For  electrical  products,  depending  on  the  type  of  equipment,  additional  certifications  other  than  IRAM  S-mark  for  safety  may  be  required  for  Argentina.    Among  these  are  energy  efficiency  validation  and  labeling;  certification  to  ENACOM  which  applies  to  products  that  connect  to  the  public  switched  communications  network  as  well  as  wireless  products.  ENACOM  (Ente  Nacional  De  Comunicaciones)  is  Argentina’s  RF  and  telecommunications  regulatory  agency.

More  detailed  information  can  be  found  by  clicking  on  the  links  to  these  specific  services.    For  more  information  about  what  certifications  are  required  for  your  product  please  contact  us.

Mark – Yes: Certification mark required. Either S-Type, S-Mark, or Lot Testing shall be marked on the product.

In-Country Representation – Yes

In-Country Testing – Yes

Expiration Details – Indefinite.

Continuing Surveillance – Annual factory inspections are required if the product is certified under the S-mark scheme.  There are no factory inspections if products are approved under the S-Type or Lot Testing schemes.

Market surveillance is required and depends on type of certification scheme:

  • S-Mark certifications are subject to market surveillance on a yearly basis.
  • S-Type certifications are subject to market surveillance on a biannual basis (once every 6 months).
We have found that often times certification bottlenecks can occur within a manufacturer’s organization.  As a result, we offer a service to provide internal help managing regulatory certification tasks.  Because G&M is not a certification body, we are in a unique position to offer valuable regulatory expertise without any conflict of interest issues.  In such cases we place G&M certification experts into our customers’ organizations to manage the certification process for them.  Once on the inside, our managers can leverage G&Ms collective experience to guide certification processes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  To learn more about this service see our Homologation Management Service Page.  
Untimely expirations of certificates can cause delays in product deliveries.  Re-certification of products will generally be treated as new submittals instead of certificate renewals.  This can be time-consuming and costly.  G&M provides a web-based certification tracking system that alerts users when expirations are coming, provides on-line storage of important certification documentation, and is searchable by certification specific criteria.  For more information on this system see our CATS page.