• Just taking the opportunity to thank you for the great job you did during the inspection, not only with translation but especially with helping several times the inspectors agree that our answers did comply with requirements. About their conclusion that it went “very smoothly” and that it was “one of their best inspections”, your action is for sure one of the reasons we got this result.

    Thank you also for having called Paul to have him further explain the email he sent to me in the past to make sure inspectors agree about the way we did the Electrical Structure periodic test – and thank you Paul too! This was amazing to see how inspectors just listened to you on such complex topic.

    The G&M Compliance CCC team is definitively very efficient. Thank you very much!

  • We chose G&M because we needed a recognized, competent and proven certification agency in which the industry already had confidence. G&M’s ability to assist us in achieving global certifications for our products is greatly appreciated. G&M’s customer service, flexibility and technical competencies were second to none. I’m very happy with G&M Compliance.

  • G&M is our compliance department. We are so appreciative of G&M’s high level of service and flexibility. Through our long working relationship with G&M, we are able to bring products to market quickly with overall reduced certification costs.

  • Customers want to be assured they are working with talented, competent individuals. G&M has the skills to help us and our clients achieve global certifications. This clearly demonstrates to us that G&M can deliver to our tier one customers.

  • I highly recommend G&M Compliance for regulatory compliance services. G&M has helped us get our products CCC certified in China expeditiously and cost effectively.

  • Partnering with a knowledgeable certification agency such as G&M is so important to help us bringing our products to market.

  • G&M U.S. and China offices have been instrumental in helping us meet not only UL and CE mark certifications but they also were very successful in assisting us meet Chinese regulatory compliance requirements.