Taiwan BSMI Publish New Standard for Secondary Lithium Cells & Packs

by G&M Compliance (August 5, 2013)

Taiwan BSMI published a new draft Standard on 26th of July 2013. The publish draft number is 10230015100. The draft is a new regulation for secondary lithium cells /cells pack、secondary lithium batteries pack for portable application and battery charging products.

1. BSMI RPC approval and will begin on 1st March, 2014. From the day of BSMI announcement, you can apply for BSMI RPC approval. The certification is valid for three years from the date of issue (If you get the certification before 1st March 2014, your certification is valid for three years from 1st March 2014).

2. If you have a RPC certification of adapter, and the adapter also combines with portable battery for selling this portable battery has to comply with the above table’s rule. If you are not, this adapter’s certification will be cancelled.

3. If your products belong to BSMI RPC or TA certifications’ products, no matter what your new application case, the accessory will also need to comply to this rule form 1st June 2014. If you get BSMI PRC or TA certification before 1st June 2014, and you don’t change your main model and series model, you can use this certification until the expiration date, during that time you also can add new series model.

4. If your products belong to BSMI DoC products, the above table’s products are accessory for your products, your product has to comply with the above table’s rule and get testing report before 1st December 2014. You also have to re‐sign your DOC letter, if not, the DOC will be null and void.

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