BIS India Certification

India New List of Product Categories Requiring Mandatory BIS Certification

by G&M Compliance (September 7, 2017)

The Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) issued “List 3” product expansion under the Compulsory Registration Order on August 16, 2017. In addition to the products covered on “List 1” and “List 2″, the compulsory registration scheme has expanded to cover another 13 products. The newly introduced products are: 1. Recessed LED Lights […]

BIS India Certification

India BIS Certification of Power Supplies Update

by G&M Compliance (September 26, 2016)

India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has issued Circular No. 1 of 2016 on September 08, 2016. The subject of this announcement is “Implementation of Clarification on Server/Storage Power Supplies”. The Indian government has confirmed that power supplies (internal and external) used in Servers and/or Storage devices will need to comply to mandatory BIS […]

BIS India Certification

New BIS Labeling Requirements Beginning July 1, 2016

by G&M Compliance (April 4, 2016)

India’s Department of Electronics & Technology (DeitY) has removed the option for manufacturer’s to use the Standard Mark or the standard wording (“Self declaration–Conforming to IS….. “). Beginning on July 1st, 2016 registered users under Bureau of Indian Standards¬†Compulsory Registration Scheme must apply the ‘Standard Mark’ to products destined for sale in India. The guidelines […]

BIS India Certification

India BIS Implementation of Amendment No. 2 for Information Technology Equipment

by G&M Compliance (February 22, 2016)

Amendment No. 2 (March 2015) to IS 13252: 2010/IEC 60950-1: 2005 Information Technology Equipment – General Safety Requirements has been issued. This amendment has been notified via Gazette Notification dated May 20, 2015 with date of establishment on May 14, 2016. As per DEITY notification (Gazette), all products under BIS mandatory list certified under IS […]

BIS India Certification

BIS Extends Period of Registration to 2 Years

by G&M Compliance (February 4, 2015)

BIS has decided for Information Technology Products that: The registration under the Compulsory Registration Scheme shall be granted for 2 years with immediate effect. For products under a registration previously granted for one year, these are now amended to two years. For example products covered under a registration granted on 24 March 2014 for one […]

BIS India Certification

India BIS Certification Update – New Products May be Added to Mandatory BIS Approval List

by G&M Compliance (September 16, 2014)

According to the Deity of India, additional products may be added to the mandatory list of BIS certification. A draft notification by the official Gazette has been published. The provisions of Electronics & IT Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012 is being revised to add the following products into mandatory BIS approval list. Once […]

BIS India Certification

India BIS Certification Update – Additional Products May Be Added to Mandatory India BIS Certification

by G&M Compliance (September 3, 2014)

August 14th, 2014 – The government of India (DEITY) deliberated a proposed list of items for inclusion under the Compulsory Registration Order. Below is the proposed list of items considered to be added: 1) Power Adaptors for IT applications 2) Power Adaptors for Audio, Video and similar Electronics apparatus 3) Batteries for portable applications 4) […]

BIS India Certification

India BIS Extension Beyond January 3rd, 2014

by G&M Compliance (January 3, 2014)

The Indian Competent Authority (Diety) has decided that “Electronics and Information Technology Goods – Requirement of Compulsory Registration, Order 2012”, which has come into effect from July 03, 2013 shall not be granted any further extension beyond January 03, 2014. For more information, please contact G&M Compliance, Inc. at 714.628.1020

BIS India Certification

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certification Deadline Extended to January, 2014

by G&M Compliance (September 27, 2013)

BANGALORE: The government has extended the deadline for Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification on imported electronics products till January (2014), said sources familiar with the development. This will come as a huge relief for hardware sellers and consumers, because supplies would have been severely disrupted if the government had stuck to its October 3 […]