Important China CCC Mark & Labeling Changes after May 1, 2018

by G&M Compliance (March 21, 2018)

China CNCA authority issued on March 15, 2018 an announcement concerning the CCC compulsory product certification mark.  In order to further implement the State Council’s spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress, CNCA decides to release the reform management of CCC mark.  The following are key points of the CNCA announcement:

I.  Cancel registration and charges of printing/molding CCC logo.

  • The CCC mark Centre (Beijing Zhongqiangren Product Marking Technical service Centre) will be cancelled from March 20, 2018. The application charges related to CCC mark printing/molding will be cancelled at the same time.  Manufacturers will have the ability to design their own printing and molding of the CCC logo.
  • Certified manufacturers should printing/ molding their CCC mark according to the management requirement of Compulsory product certification mark.

II.  The management of standard CCC stickers

  • From May 1, 2018, the designated certification bodies such as CQC, ISCCC, etc. will be responsible for the CCC marking and labeling requirements.
  • Prior to May 1, 2018, each designated certification body shall complete the management procedures for the issuance of the CCC stickers. Including the application process, contact telephone number, etc.
  • CCC Mark Centre (Beijing Zhongqiangren mark technical service center) will continue issue standard stickers until May 31st, 2018.  After June 1st, 2018, it will no longer be responsible for the issuance of standard CCC marks.
  • Simplified the category of CCC marks

After March 20, 2018, the CCC mark will no longer be subdivided into S (safety products), EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), S&E (safety and electromagnetic compatibility), F (fire), and I (information security) categories. Previous CCC marks with S, S&E, F and I can be eliminated through the mold replacement cycle and product inventory, etc.

Manufacturers should strictly follow the relevant requirements of the “The management requirements of CCC mark” and “implementation of CCC regulations-2014 edition”, and should establish the use and management system of the CCC mark in order to record and archive the use of the CCC mark.  The designated certification body shall strengthen the supervision and administration of the CCC mark, guide the certified enterprise to correctly use the CCC mark and implement the main responsibility of the certification body.

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