Training & Seminars

G&M’s Regulatory Compliance Educational Seminars and Training services are designed to help your company understand the ins and outs of what certifications are needed for your products in order to gain market entry into various countries.

G&M offers a broad range of subject matter with flexible content delivery that meets the needs of virtually any organization. G&M has become an educator of choice for many companies seeking training for their staff in matters relating to product certifications and international compliance.

G&M’s training programs can be a significant contributor to the growth and profitability of a company. Our training and seminar programs deliver the right knowledge to solve real business needs. Our current knowledge is delivered by experts and can be customized to fit the specific topics a company needs to address.

Our Advisory Services Group expands on this commitment through our working relationships and expertise in a wide range of technical and industry areas to provide you with firsthand knowledge and understanding of the challenges you may face throughout every stage of the product compliance cycle.

Our experts leverage G&M’s global knowledge to deliver the information, guidance and resources that allow you to:

  • Increase speed to market – anticipate and act quickly, positioning your product ahead of the competition
  • Deliver safer products to global markets – improve product safety and quality, leading to increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Reduce costs – reduce rework, leading to improved cost management
  • Leverage our safety experience, quality and integrity – position your business ahead of the competition
  • Improve market success – reduce surprises through the entire product life cycle from design to disposal
  • Focus on core competencies – maximize your resources to help your team be more productive
  • Manage risk – sustain viability, protect reputation and encourage growth