Latin America Product Certification

Central and South America government regulations can be overwhelming and complex. Regulations and requirements are continually changing for many Latin American countries, and keeping up-to-date on each country’s requirements is challenging.

G&M Compliance maintains close relationships with governmental and agency personnel to ensure we have the latest information on product requirements. We also have proven partnerships in many Central and South American countries in order to provide manufacturers with seamless, one-stop-shop certification services. Our staff and partners, both here and in Latin America, can help you navigate the certification process efficiently and cost effectively.

Mexico: COFETEL & NOM NYCE Regulatory Compliance

Products certified for sale in Mexico must undergo testing in an NYCE-accredited lab in Mexico. Typically only one sample is required for safety testing. In some cases, G&M Compliance is able to leverage existing test reports and create a safety report that NYCE will accept—all without sending a sample to Mexico for testing.

COFETEL is Mexico’s telecom approval agency, which requires in-country testing for all telecom equipment that connects to the Public Network (via ISDN, POTS, E1, etc). Local representation by a Mexican company for COFETEL telecom approval is mandatory. Radiofrequency Spread Spectrum devices do not yet require in-country testing, however these types of equipment are sure to be included in future COFETEL regulatory bulletins (“Diario Oficial”).

Mexico also requires a local certificate holder in-country. The NOM NYCE safety approval certificate must be obtained in the name of a legal Mexican company, which will serve as Importer of Record for equipment entering Mexico for commercialization.

Argentina: CNC & S-Mark Regulatory Compliance

Argentina’s product regulations are governed by CNC, the local regulatory agency. The S-Mark signifies safety approval for products on the Argentinian market, and it is required for importing and selling goods in the country.

IRAM resolutions are updated as new technologies emerge, and telecom certification (homologation) is required through Argentina’s regulatory agency CNC, which also covers testing and approval of radio frequency equipment.

The CNC approval certificate can only be issued in the name of a legal corporation in Argentina, which will be responsible for the importation of the equipment into the country. The Argentina importer/distributor must be registered with CNC in order to hold the telecom certificate. This is commonly overlooked by manufacturers expecting to use their existing distributors or representatives in Argentina, but G&M Compliance can ensure you are fully compliant with all applicable regulations.

Brazil: ANATEL Telecom Regulatory Compliance

Brazil has complex regulatory standards, and G&M Compliance works closely with Anatel and its OCDs to make sure your product is correctly classified for certification.

This includes a complete range of services, including

  • Categorizing equipment by Designated Certification Organism (OCD)
  • Determining best options for testing within multiple laboratories
  • Following up on the delivery of laboratory samples
  • Managing schedules, collecting documents, evaluating products, and paying Anatel fees
  • Overseeing filings on the ANATEL Website

When working with G&M Compliance, clients are only responsible for forwarding their own company and product-related documents as required by the OCDs and, if necessary, providing technical information to support test laboratories.

ANATEL requires a signed letter from an in-country technical representative who is responsible for technical support of the equipment. This is a strict requirement from ANATEL, and can be a difficult hurdle in the approval process.

G&M can also provide the following certifications for Latin America:

  • Chile SUBTEL telecom Regulatory Compliance
  • Colombia CRT Terminal Equipment Regulatory Compliance
  • Ecuador CONATEL Regulatory Compliance
  • Panama Autoridad Nacional Servicios Públicos (ASEP) Compliance
  • Paraguay CONATEL Regulatory Compliance
  • Uruguay URSEC Regulatory Compliance

Contact G&M Compliance for more information on certification in South and Central American countries or request a quote today.