European CE Mark Update: EN55032 Replacing EN55022 and Others for ITE (Information Technology) and Audio/Video Equipment

by G&M Compliance (September 3, 2014)

Due to the convergence of technologies, the EMC standards for Audio/Video Equipment and Broadcast Receivers (and associated equipment) are being merged with Information Technology Equipment into a single EMC standard.

Emissions: EN55032 (CISPR32)
For emissions, EN55032 replaces EN55022 (IT equipment), EN55013 (broadcast receivers and associated equipment) and EN55103 (audio & studio equipment). EN55032 was approved in December 2012 and consists of CISPR32+A1+A2. It has officially been added to the OJ (Official Journal), meaning it can now be used by manufacturers – with a transition period until March 2017.

Apart from the power disturbance measurement, which is no longer permitted, all the other limit values and measurement procedures remain broadly unchanged.

Immunity: EN55035 (CISPR35)
For immunity, EN55035 will replace EN55024 (IT equipment), EN55020 (broadcast receivers) and EN55103 (audio & studio equipment). EN55035 has not yet been added to the OJ (Official Journal) and cannot be used by manufacturers – it is expected to enter into force within the next year with a transition period until 2017.

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