NEW Compulsory Registration for India

by G&M Compliance (March 28, 2013)

Electrical devices shipping into India may be required to comply with the new Compulsory Registration Scheme. Compulsory Registration is based on in-country testing lab accredited by BIS. One registration per factory. Please note this registration is a factory based so if the manufacturer has 2 factories then 2 sets of testing are required and 2 unique registrations will be issued.

Required documentation:
• User Manual in English is ok for application
• Full contact info of local rep.
• In-Country Representative
• Indian certified cord set / plug
• Marking: “Self Declaration – Conforming to IS 13252:2010″ Registration No. XX..XX (8-10 digits) on the label or the packaging”

Compulsory Registration is valid for 2 years (unless a change of standards). Market Surveillance, samples can be picked up once every 2 years by a body appointed by DIT to confirm ongoing compliance at the BIS labs. We expect this to be done at retail locations, warehouses, local factories.

For more information, please contact G&M Compliance, Inc. at 714.628.1020