China SRRC – State Radio Regulation of China Announcement

by Rona Tumamao (March 8, 2019)

China SRRC recently announced a new regulation for wireless products.  As of March 1st, 2019, SRRC certified products (including SRRC approved modules, excluding short-range micro power devices) must follow a sales reporting process.  A local Chinese company will be required to register with MIIT via a web portal. G&M can assist companies complete the filing process and register with MIIT, as well as act as the local representative for companies that do not have a local Chinese entity.

Responsible Party:

Resellers, importers, local representative or manufacturer will be required to register with MIIT within 10 business days of shipment delivery to end-customer.  If manufacturers sell directly to the end-user, they would also need to register with MIIT. For OEM scenario, the sales company needs to register with MIIT, not the manufacturer.  If a product has several resellers in different provinces, each reseller needs to register separately.

Registration Number and QR Code:

Once the entity has registered with MIIT, a registration number and a QR code will be issued.  The registration number and QR code must be displayed at the location of where the product is being sold or on a website, if the product is sold online.  If the product is not sold at a storefront or online, the registration number and QR code must be kept on file.  End-customer can scan the QR code to obtain product information and SRRC certification information.


In the event that a company does not follow this regulation and is caught by MIIT or other authorities, a fine of up to $5,000 USD can be enforced.  Furthermore, the SRRC certification of the product can be withdrawn if a company fails to properly reports to MIIT.

For additional information, please contact G&M Compliance, Inc. at 714-628-1020