China News: CCC Certificate and Mark Approval Changes

by G&M Compliance (April 17, 2015)

On March 31st (2015), a formal signing ceremony was held between CQC, CCAP, CQM, ISCCC and Beijing Zhong Quiang Ren Product Marking Technology Service Center. A formal cooperation agreement was put in place to allow the above certification bodies (CQC, CCAP, CQM and ISCCC) to issue CCC Certificates along with CCC Mark approvals.

At present, only CQC, CCAP, CQM and ISCCC can issue the CCC Mark approvals along with CCC certificates. In the near future, other Chinese certification bodies will be able to issue CCC Mark approvals as well. For clients working with G&M Compliance, we will ensure that CQC, CCAP or ISCCC will issue the CCC Certificate along with the CCC Mark approval at the same time so save time.

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