China CQC New Standard and Certification Rules for Small/Medium-Sized Electric Machinery

by G&M Compliance (January 31, 2014)

According to the National Standardization Management Committee, the China national standards announced that the GB14711-2013 standard “for small and medium-size rotary electric machinery general safety requirements” (hereinafter referred to as the “new standard”) was released in July 19, 2013, and will be implemented on December 2, 2013. The implementation of the new standard will replace the GB 14711-2006 standard (hereinafter referred to as “the old version of the standard”). Relevant requirements of small and medium-size rotary electric machinery product voluntary certification implementation of the new standard as follows:

Ⅰ. Relates only to CQC voluntary certification standard version of the product for Small and medium-sized motor (006001);

Ⅱ. The new standard:

(a) Since the date of the announcement, the applicant may apply for certification in accordance with the new standard; certification bodies will adopt the new standard implementation of the certification and issue the new standards certification.

(b) For manufacturers who hold the old version certificate, they should submit an application to update to the new standard before the next follow-up inspection. The old certificates changing should be completed by Dec. 2. 2014. If the certificates were not transferred in time, they would be postponed. If they failed to be replaced before Dec. 1st, 2015, they would be withdrawn.

Ⅲ. Major change of the standard includes the following:

(a) The version of GB14711-2006 is changed to GB14711-2013.

(b) The certification unit is revised by mainly series products division, and the test unit by the seat No.

(c) Cancel the certificate valid for 4 years, but for long term effective certificate.

(d) Confirmatory test item will increase the contact current and grounding resistance

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