Revised Implementation Rules for China CCC Published by CNCA

by G&M Compliance (August 6, 2014)

In order for the Chinese government to make further CCC reforms, CNCA has carried out a comprehensive CCC Product Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules revision. The revised Implementation Rules was published and released on July 16, 2014. The new rules will be formally implemented starting September 1st, 2014. It will replace the current CCC Implementation rules.

The original announcement (in Chinese) can be accessed via this link:

Main changes include further clarifications on product categories requiring mandatory CCC certification. Additional products have been added into the list of mandatory CCC certification. There will also be major changes made under the new CNCA regluation:

1. Manufacturing facilities (factories) will now be classified into different categories according to the quality control capability and factory inspection records
2. There will be four (4) categories (levels) assigned to factories: A, B, C or D
3. Category A (Level A) manufacturing facility is the highest or best level. Category A factory may have less stringent requirements compared to B, C or D
4. The frequency of CCC follow-up factory inspections will be determined based on the four (4) categories or level assigned to the factory
5. Further detailed information outlining the differences between the four categories (levels) of manufacturing facility will be released by CNCA shortly
6. There will be multiple CCC Certification modes. For Type I and Type II devices, CCC certificate can be issued immediately after type testing before Initial Factory Inspection. For devices other than Type I or II, CCC certificate will be issued after type testing and follow-up inspection
7. Grouping of products into different families will become more flexible based on the four (4) assigned categories of the factory (A, B, C or D)
8. Application authorization between OEM or ODM agreement will be added

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