China CCC New GB 4943: 2011 – Information Technology Equipment Replacing GB 4943: 2001

by gmcompliance (April 13, 2012)

GB4943‐Information Technology Equipment safety standard
1) GB4943‐2011 will replace the current GB4943‐2001 from 2012‐12‐1 and new products within this
category must apply for the new standard after then.
2) Current product must revise the CCC certificate at least before the first factory inspection after
3) GB4943‐2011 is harmonized with IEC60950‐1: 2005 2ed version but adds some China requirements
for altitude and torrid zone. The final standard is still not published yet
4) Main affect for manufacturers:
a) The current CCC product can only be sold to places under 2000m altitude and outside of the
torrid zone of China
Note: cities over 2000m altitude include: Lhasa (Tibet), Xining(Ningxia),Kunming(Yunnan),Dali
(Yunnan),Lijiang (Yunnan),Shangri‐la (Yunnan),Golmud(Xinjiang), Kangting (SiChuan) ,etc. which
are located in West China; places belongs to the torrid zone include Hainan province and south
part of Guangdong ,Guangxi and Yunnan provinces.
b) If manufacturer want to sell the products to whole China, they need to meet the requirements for 5000m
altitude and torrid zone
c) The main difference for altitude is the clearance distance which will be 1.48 times longer than
the current value
d) The main difference for torrid zone is the heating test base temperature will be 35C which is 10C
higher than current value, means there should be 10 degrees tolerant for current value
e) Over current protection devices must be installed inside the equipment, not relying on the
protection device in the building
f) The Cap discharge test requires to use 1000MOhm resistor probe
g) Grounding test requires to use 2 times of the rating protection current for 2 min if the rating
protection current is less than 16A, (before, it’s 1.5 times of the rating protection current for
h) The grounding test equipment for verification test requires 32A current output, before it’s 25A
i) The input rating is +/‐10% , not +6% and ‐10%
5) Solutions:
a) For now the detailed guide for this update is still not published (as of March 15, 2012)
b) The end product manufacturer need to revise the critical components related to the new
c) New CB reports should cover the new requirements
d) On‐going projects still cannot apply for the new standard because it is still not published
e) Manufactures can add the instructions and marks to indicate the environment (under 2000m