China New CCC Compulsory Certification for Fire Fighting Products

by chris anderson (March 6, 2014)

According to the “Fire Law” and “the people’s Republic of China Certification and Accreditation”, China decided to implement mandatory CCC certification for various fire fighting products (See below).  Beginning September 1, 2015, all the fire fighting products listed in the mandatory product certification directory will require mandatory product certification before they could be sold, imported, or used in mainland China.

Starting September 1, 2014, manufacturers may begin to apply for CCC certification.

List of fire fighting products:

1.  Fire Alarm Products – includes line type heat fire detectors, home fire alarm systems, city fire remote monitoring products and combustible gas alarm products

2.  Fire Protection Products – includes fire retardant coating, fire-proof sealing material, fire resistance cable tray and fire explosion suppression products

3.  Architectural Fire-Proof Components – includes fire-proof door, flame-proof glass and fire resisting shutter

4.  Fire-Fighting Equipment – includes fire fighters personal protective equipment, fire motorcycle and fire rescue products

5.  Fire Hose – includes fire water suction hose

6.  Fire Extinguishing Agent – includes gas extinguishing agent and Class A foam extinguishing agent

7.  Fire Extinguisher – includes hand extinguisher, transportable fire extinguisher and simplified fire extinguisher

8.  Fire Water Supply Equipment – includes fire vehicle pump, fire pump unit and outdoor fire hydrant

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