International Certification

International CertificationInternational Certifications

The first step to most international approvals is a valid CB Scheme report, often referred to as a “passport” to international certifications. A CB Scheme report is the best—and sometimes the only feasible—path to obtaining international regulatory marks from China (CCC), Korea (eK and KC), Argentina (IRAM and S-Mark), Russia (GOST-C.U.), India (BIS), Germany (GS), among many others.

We work with our network of partners, both domestic and international, to obtain CB Scheme approvals and expedite certifications required for your product. After successful testing, the regulator will issue a CB certificate and CB test report, which allows the manufacturer to apply to any CB Scheme member laboratory worldwide.

China – CCC Certification

G&M Compliance has a facility in Beijing, China, that provides full testing services and CCC certifications. Our presence in China, along with our partnership with CQC-TS, allows us to reduce your time to market and provide you with the best possible pricing. In addition, our facility in Beijing now has the capability to conduct testing under UL’s Witness Test Data program (WTDP). Our staff in Beijing will ensure you have direct access to the most efficient CCC certification services available.

South Korea – KC

KC certification is required for manufacturers of electrical/electronic equipment who want to do business in South Korea. Through our strategic partnership with compliance groups in the U.S. and South Korea, G&M Compliance provides an end-to-end testing and compliance solution for KC certification services, including ITE, telecommunication products, and radio equipment.

Russia – EAC

Nearly all products imported into the Eurasian Customs Union (ECU) require Eurasian Conformity (EAC) certification. The ECU includes Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The EAC mark confirms that a product is compliant with all safety and EMC standards set by the ECU. G&M Compliance assists companies in obtaining EAC certification and other necessary permits for a wide range of products, including industrial, mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, and consumer products.

India BIS

Lower Side PhotoSince the Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology issued Compulsory Registration Order 2012 in April of 2013, certain products are now required to comply with Indian safety standards before they can be imported, distributed, or sold in India. The number of products that must comply with these requirements is quickly growing, and G&M Compliance can determine if your products require BIS Certification. G&M Compliance tracks milestones during the BIS certification process to ensure your project is on schedule from inception to completion, including clearing India customs, providing an end-to-end compliance solution.

S. AmericaLatin America

Government regulations in Central and South America can be overwhelming and complex. Regulations and requirements are continually changing, and G&M Compliance can ensure that your products are thoroughly tested and compliant with the most current requirements. G&M Compliance has proven partnerships in each Latin American country to provide manufacturers with a seamless and comprehensive certification service.

Other International Certification


– BSMI Certification for Information Technology Equipment


– PSE Certification for Electronic/Electrical Equipment
– VCCI Certification for Information Technology Equipment


– C-Tick Certification for Information Technology Equipment

Saudi Arabia

– SASO Certification for Information Technology Equipment

South Africa

– SABS Certification for Electronic/Electrical Equipment

For more information about international certifications and how G&M Compliance can help, contact us today. G&M Compliance offers a full range of testing and certification services, including a Certificate Alert and Tracking System and more.