Automotive CCC Process

The process of obtaining CCC Automotive certification generally includes the following 6 steps:

China CCC Certification

1. Application: Submit CCC Application Package (description form) to CCAP/CQC.

2. Testing: A sample request will be issued after CCAP/CQC accepts the application. G&M Compliance will assist the manufacturer in shipping product samples and arranging testing in a designated test laboratory in China.

3. Initial Factory Inspection (2 days):  CCAP/CQC will send a team of two inspectors from China to inspect the manufacturing facility (the final assembly location).

*Factory inspection can be conducted before the testing is complete (only for automotive products)

4. Evaluation: The test report and inspection report will be submitted to CCAP/CQC for review to determine if CCC certification is granted or not.

5. Approval of the CCC Certificate: The CCC certificate will be granted to the manufacturer if no discrepancies were found.

6. Product Marking: Mark Printing Application must be submitted to CNCA to apply Mark Printing Approval.

*Mark labeling requirement, see CNCA Rule for your product

*For brake hoses, printing letters “CCC” instead of the CCC Logo is allowed

7. Follow-Up Factory Inspection (1 day): Manufacturing facility must be audited by CCAP/CQC every 6-12 months.

Download CNCA Rule for Your Product

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