Argentina – Reduced Testing of Product Sample Effective 2013

by G&M Compliance (March 1, 2013)

Effective from January 2, 2013, reduced testing on a sample must take place in Argentina prior to the issuance of the certificate of extension to the Argentine importer. This requirement applies to all those local certifications based on pre-existing test reports and some specific tests will need to be performed on a sample of the product to be certified. That sample will have to be released through a letter called “Sin Derecho a Uso” (without the right to be marketed).

The scope of the reduced testing covers:

Components identification
Heat resistance
Access to live parts
Dielectric strength
Leakage current

This procedure will enable the Certification Body to verify the identity, safety requirements, and matching between the released sample and the product certified abroad. As a result, a letter will be issued and it will be attached to the certificate.

At the same time, starting January 2, 2013, electrical products, wishing to be considered as a “family of products”, must comply with a list of recently published characteristics in the family. As a result, one family of products will be included in one certificate, and the main changes are:

Each AR S certificate will include 1 factory location only
Each AR S certificate will include 1 rated voltage range only

Existing certificates will have to be revised according to the new definition of “family of products”. Manufacturers should send a sample to their importers in Argentina. Upon arrival of the sample, UL AR will create a customs clearance letter (SDU letter) to the importer so that the sample can be imported, and then UL AR field representatives will tag it and send it to a local laboratory for reduced testing.

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